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East Grinstead Netball League


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25 Feb 2018
Hi there I used to play in the brighton adult league but haven’t played in a club since moving to West Sussex - really keen to get back into netball and play/train with a team. Grateful for any information you can give me about how to join and sign up Thanks Megan
01 Sep 2017
Hey interested in joining a team, I've just moved locally. Played last year (first time since school) and really enjoyed it. I'm still getting fit! Another mum from school may also be interested. Thanks
16 Jul 2017
Hello me and my friend havnt played since school but are keen to get involved in a team sport . Please can you let me know if you have any details or information you could send me . Thanks laura and laura
10 Apr 2017
Hi! I'd interested in getting back into playing Netball. I'm 29 and haven't played properly since school - I enjoy cycling and going to the gym but would love to get back into a team sport. I live in East Grinstead. I look forward to hearing from you! Amy
24 Feb 2017
Hi, I'm interested if there is a team that plays for fun in or near East Grinstead. What night etc would it be on and time and how much of a commitment would be required. I have played on and off over the last few years but am very over weight and unfit!! I hope that won't be a problem, thanks. Victoria
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